OCTOBER 31, 2000 – 13:46 EST

SIRIOS RESOURCES INC.- Positive Copper Results From Tilly
Soil Survey:

MONTREAL, QUEBEC, CANADA–Significant copper anomalies were
delineated from a soil survey completed over the TILLY property of
SIRIOS RESOURCES INC. near LG-4, James Bay, where a major
mineralized porphyry system was discovered by SIRIOS.


Good copper, molybdenum and gold values were returned from the soil
geochemical survey carried out this Fall by IOS at TILLY. (318
samples taken each 150 m over 9 sq. kilometers). Glacial context and
topographic drainage were taken into account for anomaly definition.
Corresponding copper and molybdenum anomalies were delineated in
association with most mineralized occurrences, confirming the value
of this soil geochemical survey. Eight anomalous trains were
defined, three of them having a known rock source et five other to be
explained. Three significant anomalous zones were delineated:

– Anomalous Train no.4: Anomalous copper (Cu) and gold zone: strong
and rather extensive, over more than 1.5 kilometer long, up to 216
ppm Cu, 85 ppb gold and open in extent.
– Anomalous Train no.8: Anomalous Cu, molybdenum (Mo) and gold zone,
narrow but 1 kilometer long, up to 188 ppm Cu and 148 ppm Mo, open
in extent.
– Anomalous Train no.7:large, diffuse, anomalous Cu and Mo zone, open
in extent.


These values bear similarities with those related to worldwide
known porphyry deposits, around 70-200 ppm Cu in soil (B horizon)
(ref. CIM,Vol. Spécial no.15). SIRIOS sampled the soil A horizon:
copper and molybdenum are less concentrated than within lower B
horizon. In glacial terrane, it is better to sample the thicker A
horizon. A Cu or Mo anomaly within the A horizon is more
significant than within the B.

Porphyry mineralization within the LaGrande geological
Sub-Province had been a target for SIRIOS’ dynamic geological
team, always looking for new ideas. More exploration is certainly
warranted at TILLY following these recent positive results along
the LaGrande structural corridor. At least six hydrothermal
polymetallic breccia (covering from 12,000 m2 up to more than
35,000 m2) and three vein zones were identified in granitic

The TILLY property (100% SIRIOS) is located 30 kilometers west of
the LaGrande-4 hydroelectrical complex, Quebec. Soil samples were
assayed at the Chimitec-Bondar Clegg Assay Office, Val d’Or.
SIRIOS is an exploration company for diamond, precious and base
metals, with 17,544,474 Common Shares issued and outstanding.
They are listed for trading on the Montreal Exchange under SOI.


For more information:
Dominique Doucet, CEO
Phone: 514-510-7961

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