MONTREAL, QUEBEC–(Marketwire – June 26, 2008) – SIRIOS RESOURCES INC.(TSX VENTURE:SOI) announces encouraging results in recent diamond drilling on the Lingo Gold Occurrence carried out by partner Golden Tag Resources Ltd (TSX VENTURE:GOG) on the AQUILON Gold Property in James Bay, Quebec. The outcropping, high grade gold-bearing vein was tested with tight grid pattern (approx. 10 x 10 metre centres) of 47 shallow, vertical holes over a strike length of 100 metres and down its shallow dip (20 to 30 degrees NNE) for 90 metres. Assays returned grades of up to:

3,230.89 grams gold per tonne (g/T Au) over 0.80 metres (m) (94.23 ounces gold per ton over 2.62 feet), including,

12,906.5 g/T Au over 0.20 m. (376.44 ounces gold per ton over 0.65 feet).

The very high gold intersection contained 7 to 10% visible gold similar to visible gold samples returned in surface trenching and drilling conducted by SIRIOS and SOQUEM INC. in 2002. Drilling confirms the very high grade mineralization plunges down-dip, shallowly to the north-northeast. At least 12 other gold occurrences are known on the property within the Wolf Lake Shear zone, a 300 metre wide, east-trending shear zone which has been mapped for 5 kilometres across the property. None of these occurrences have been tested in this manner with closely-spaced grid drilling.

Over twenty gold-bearing intersections with composite assay values of more than 2.0 g/t Au have been returned from the program, Table 1. High grade intersections from Table 1 include:

Hole No.              Intersection        Hole No.        Intersection
AQ-08-01        11.54g/T Au over 2.05m   AQ-08-14   12.55g/T Au over 4.38m
AQ-08-06     3,230.89g/T Au over 0.80m   AQ-08-24   90.60g/T Au over 0.25m
including   12,906.50g/T Au over 0.20m   AQ-08-25   22.91g/T Au over 3.68m
AQ-08-10        64.10g/T Au over 0.47m   AQ-08-27   78.23g/T Au over 0.92m
AQ-08-12        70.10g/T Au over 0.32m  including   325.0g/T Au over 0.21m
AQ-08-13        16.27g/T Au over 0.30m   AQ-08-39   24.50g/T Au over 0.30m

True widths are between 87% to 94% of reported core lengths.
A map showing the closely spaced drill holes will be available shortly
at the Sirios Resources' Website:

The 2008 diamond drill program consisted of 47 NQ holes totalling 1,074 meters. Drilling tested the Lingo gold occurrence at relatively shallow depths (4.3 to 60 m) on a close grid pattern of vertical holes to trace the mineralized quartz vein from surface trenches to a vertical depth of 30 m. The high grade gold-bearing zone has a strike length of 10 to 20 metres and plunges NE to NNE. Mineralization is considered open at depth. Mineralization is characterized by the presence of visible gold in narrow (less than 1.0m) quartz ±carbonate veins hosted in sericitized and silicified felsic volcanic rocks. The veins have very low sulphide content.

Mapping and prior exploration of the property has identified at least 8 high grade gold occurrences along the East-West trend of the Wolf Lake Shear zone, including the recent discovery of the Red Toad Showing on its’ eastern margin by Golden Tag (see Press Release: July 29, 2004). Quartz veining at Lingo is persistent along strike and beyond the limits of the current program of drilling.

The very high grade assay interval of 3,230.89 g/T Au over 0.80 m in hole AQ-08-06 includes a reported value of 12,906.5 g/T Au over 0.20 m (376.44 ounces gold per ton over 0.65 feet). The later value is considered a MINIMUM value for this interval of core. The interval contains 7 to 10% visible gold as pinpoints, specks and blebs measuring up to 4 mm by 9 mm within a coarse-grained quartz vein (true width 12 cm). The sample was assayed by screened analysis. Assays of both fine (414 grams in weight) and coarse fractions (17 grams in weight) returned the upper limit assay of this method, 10,000 ppm Au. Reassaying of the fine fraction only by concentrate gold method returned 12 906.5 g/T Au. The original coarse fraction is destroyed in the screen analysis and could not be reassayed. Because of the nature of the sample, the coarse fraction can be assumed to have contained more than this reported grade.

Golden Tag Resources acquired a two stage option on the Aquilon Main property in 2003; initially to earn a 40% interest in the project with a second option to earn into an overall 60% interest. Golden Tag has now met work commitments and is in a position to vest in the first option. It is now reviewing these results in conjunction with all prior exploration results from the property to identify a clear approach for future exploration and vesting in the property.

Assay Method and Quality Control

A total of 706 half drill core samples were collected, split in half, and one half sent to a commercial laboratory for analysis and other half retained for future reference. A strict QA/QC program was followed which included mineralized standards and blanks for each batch of samples. Analytical services were provided by ALS-Chemex, Val d’Or, Quebec.

Significant assay results were also duplicated at the laboratory. Samples were prepared using standard preparation procedures used by ALS-Chemex. Samples were assayed by fire assay with atomic absorption spectrometry finish on a 50 grams nominal sample weight, giving a lower limit of detection of 0.005 ppm and an upper limit of detection of 10 ppm (10 g/T Au). Samples yielding greater than 10 ppm were re-assayed using fire assay and gravimetric finish, giving a lower limit of detection of 0.05 ppm and an upper limit of detection of 1000 ppm. Samples showing visible gold, or where initial fire assays with result exceeding 5 ppm, were analysed with metallic screen assays and fire assay. The entire sample was pulverized and screen to 100-micron. The metallic sieve assay gives a lower limit of detection of 0.05 ppm and an upper limit of detection of 10,000 ppm. The very high grade gold sample was assayed by concentrate gold method of analysis.

The diamond drilling program was conducted on behalf of Golden Tag Resources Ltd. under the supervision of Mr David Rigg, P.Geo. and CEO of Golden Tag and Mr Roger Moar, Consulting Geologist, P.Geol.; Qualified Persons under National Instrument 43-101 guidelines. This press release was prepared by Dominique Doucet, P. Eng., President of SIRIOS, Qualified Person and based on information transmitted by Golden Tag Resources.

Forward-Looking Statement: This news release contains certain forward-looking statements. These forward-looking statements are subject to a variety of risks and uncertainties beyond the Company’s ability to control or predict and are not to be interpreted as guarantees for future performance. These forward-looking statements could cause actual events or results to differ materially from those anticipated in such forward-looking statements. All forward-looking statements speak only as of the date of this news release and the Company does not undertake any obligation to update or publicly release any revisions to such forward-looking statements to reflect events, circumstances, or changes in expectations after the date hereof. Accordingly, readers should not place undue reliance on such forward-looking statements.

((i)True widths are 87 to 94% of reported core lengths)
Hole No.   From (m)   To (m)   Length(i)(m)   Grade (g/T Au)
AQ-08-01      0.10     2.15           2.05            11.54
 Including    0.10     0.45           0.35             3.92
 Including    0.45     0.65           0.20            60.70
 Including    0.65     0.88           0.23            17.05
 Including    0.88     1.11           0.23            21.20
 Including    1.96     2.15           0.19             4.25
AQ-08-02      3.78     4.30           0.52             2.59
AQ-08-03      7.05     7.37           0.32             5.97
AQ-08-05      8.45     8.75           0.30             3.84
AQ-08-06      7.90     8.70           0.80          3230.89
 Including    7.90     8.20           0.30             2.13
 Including    8.20     8.40           0.20         12906.50
 Including    8.40     8.70           0.30             9.24
AQ-08-07     14.31    14.95           0.64             9.27
AQ-08-09      5.85     6.50           0.65             5.62
AQ-08-10     12.77    13.24           0.47            64.10
AQ-08-12      5.34     5.71           0.37             3.47
AQ-08-12     16.60    16.85           0.25            80.50
AQ-08-12     18.05    18.37           0.32            70.10
AQ-08-12     18.88    19.08           0.20             4.02
AQ-08-13      9.60     9.90           0.30            16.27
AQ-08-13     24.28    24.56           0.28             3.15
AQ-08-14     22.40    26.78           4.38            12.55
 Including   22.40    22.63           0.23            40.20
 Including   22.63    23.31           0.68             2.86
 Including   24.51    24.91           0.40             6.02
 Including   26.48    26.78           0.30           132.50
AQ-08-20      0.40     0.62           0.22             8.80
AQ-08-20      1.39     1.79           0.40             2.54
AQ-08-24      2.58     2.83           0.25            90.60
AQ-08-25     27.01    30.69           3.68            22.91
 Including   27.01    27.41           0.40             3.59
 Including   27.94    28.48           0.54             3.86
 Including   28.48    28.88           0.40            81.10
 Including   28.88    29.08           0.20            14.20
 Including   29.88    30.27           0.39           110.50
 Including   30.27    30.69           0.42             4.06
AQ-08-27      3.00     3.92           0.92            78.23
 Including    3.00     3.21           0.21           325.00
 Including    3.21     3.46           0.25             2.38
 Including    3.46     3.92           0.46             6.79
AQ-08-36     10.70    11.25           0.55             5.05
AQ-08-39      6.24     6.54           0.30            24.50
AQ-08-40      5.59     5.92           0.33             4.40

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